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The ID Hunter will help you track down the best instructional design programs!


  Save Time – no more hunting down online programs
  Compare Programs at a Glance – length, tuition, admissions, and related Master’s
  How to Choose a Program – 8 factors you should consider
  See inside an actual instructional design program


The ID Hunter provides a comprehensive listing of online graduate certificates with plenty of details to allow you to easily compare programs.  You can search certificates using current information such as credits needed to graduate, total tuition, related Master’s programs, and admission requirements.  Discover the factors you should consider when choosing a program and let me explain how I made my decision.  Additionally, read a one of kind review of the online certificate program I completed.  The ID Hunter doesn’t stop with instructional design programs.  You will also find information on graduate certificates in online teaching, e-learning and other related fields.  I’m confident you will find the ID Hunter to be a valuable resource in your search for the best online certificate programs.


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The University of Georgia eLearning Design Certificate

Dr. Michael Orey, LDT Program Coordinator for The University of Georgia eLearning Design Certificate, provided the ID Hunter with some useful information to help you understand what UGA has to offer. The eLearning Design Certificate at UGA uses a combination project-based learning and real world problems as part of their 5-course certificate. … [Read More...]